Newsletter 2 December 2020 on Corona Action in Malawi

The SMART Centre Foundation was legally established in February 2019 with the objective to raise
Funds to support SMART Centres (Water training centres) in Afrika and Nicaragua.
The group of SMART Centres is coordinated by the Social Entreprise MetaMeta which is based in
The Netherlands (Den Bosch and Wageningen). See also
The first actions included support to the GSB SMART Centre in Mozambique after the 2 cyclones
that hit the northern part of Mozambique. See also Newsletter no 1 May 2019

Activities in 2020
In 2020 actions were triggered by the Corona Virus and in April 2020 we started a campaign to assist
SMART Centres in the combat of the spreading of the Corona virus. A first action was supporting
MetaMeta in the production of a manual with the name Smart Hygiene Solutions . Weblinks booklet;
Also a video was made on how to make a Wash bottle, a zero cost hand washing tool made out of
a used plastic bottle. After a short training families themselves can make it. Both publications were
published via international water networks like Suzana and RWSN.
Weblink to the video of the Wash bottle.

Corona activities in Zambia.
Handwash stations disseminated by the Jacana SMART centre in Chipata Corona activities in Malawi.
Here a flyer used during the project.

Handwash stations
The SMART Centres in Zambia, Tanzania, Niger, Kenya and Ghana received up to 1000 Euro and some centres collected additional funds through their own network. The funds were used to produce
and disseminate handwash stations at Health clinics, Schools and Markets. See also

Corona poster and handwash station

Corona project in Malawi with Wilde Ganzen
Wilde Ganzen is an organisation in the Netherlands who supports projects in developing countries with
Funding. See also
To support organisations with Corona activities, there was an action that they would double
donations. With the SMART Centre in Malawi, our foundation made a project proposal of 11.000 Euro
which was approved by Wilde Ganzen. After publicity we received 5500 Euro from some 20 Donors.
This was doubled by Wilde Ganzen and used by the SMART Centre in Malawi.

Some pictures of the Corona project Malawi. 2020.

From left to right low: Marketplace with tank, hand wash station in action

Distribution truck, calebash tank production and result

Activities in the Corona project in Malawi
At the onset of the Corona pandemic there was a fear of large scale spreading in Malawi because
of the limited hygiene, lack of clean water and lack of quality medical care. Despite concerns the
outbreak in Malawi seem less severe than feared. Officially 5,932 cases have been confirmed,
with 184 deaths and about 425 active cases.
SMART Centre’s response to Corona was very timely. The program officer said.
“We came when the government was overwhelmed by the pandemic and needed NGOs to complement her efforts”. The government focused on providing medical help to patients and awareness but little on other prevention such as hand washing which is where the project could assist.
The SMART Centre Malawi has provided:
• 50 handwash stations + soap to local markets in Mzuzu, Mzimba North district.
• 16 handwashing devices to Health Care Facilities located within the Rumphi district.
• 9 handwashing stations to Health Care Facilities in the Nkhatabay district.
• 25 water filters to Health Care Facilities in the outskirts of Mzuzu, Mzimba North district.
• 16 water filters to Health Care Facilities located within the Rumphi district.
• 9 water filters to Health Care Facilities in the Nkhatabay district.

Story from the field
After distributing the handwashing facilities and water filters to Health Care Facilities and markets officers
of the SMART centre visited these sites to see the impact. In Luzi (Rumphi district) we found a group of
young health extension workers that were being educated on the Corona virus. During this session the
facilitator of the training showed the students the handwashing device distributed by the project.
They discussed on the importance of hygiene, washing hands with soap and the reason why this device is operated by foot and used the information on the sticker of the wash station. It was very nice to see that
besides washing hands, the stations also informed the public. The availability of clean water, soap and
physically observing people washing their hands at each handwash station provided the sense that this intervention was successful.

In total some 30 donations were received in 2020 with a total of around 10.000 euro’s.
An impressive amount given the small number of donors.
We thank the donors for their important contribution and like to mention Wilde Ganzen, Wierda Baas Foundation, De Gevulde Waterkruik, Volleybal club Joop Arnhem, Family Gijselhart, Family Veldman,
R van Otterloo and others.

For more information you can contact Henk Holtslag at: